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Battle Nazi Dinosaurs In Dino D-Day Beta, March 1st

Felix Kemp
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Battle Nazi Dinosaurs In Dino D-Day Beta, March 1st

If I had to imagine what Dino D-Day might play like, the frankly insane shooter from Digital Ranch Productions, imagine two Spielberg productions colliding; the reptilian denizens of Jurassic Park stumbling in on the infantry warfare of Saving Private Ryan. I have to admit, that sounds kind of fantastic. Oh you like it, too? Well you'll be pleased to hear a beta is going live on March 1st, with 1,000 places up for grabs on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and the official website!

So it's 1942, and the war is in full swing with millions dead on both sides and no end in sight. Hitler, who'd ostensibly grown bored of bombing Britain and killing all the Jews, turned his attentions to science. Namely, resurrecting dinosaurs. Oh, and he succeeded. He's on the verge of success, sitting on a Tyrannosaurus' skull throne, petting a 'raptor idly as he watches his reptilian horde conquer the world.

And so it's up to you to put a stop to him. Or, if you're feeling particularly edgy, help Hitler out. Yes, you can fight as Allied or Axis forces, with the former having access to six classes tailored for dino destruction, and the latter three classes as well as three dinosaurs to choose from. Yes, dinosaurs. I know. It's fantastic. Leap and bound with a Raptor, crush and stomp with a Desmatosuchus, or honor Denis Nedry by spitting and hurling bodies with a Dilophosaur! I'm actually psyched. [Dino D-Day]

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