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Battlefield 2142 - Deluxe Edition £7.99 @ Gameplay [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
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Battlefield 2142 - Deluxe Edition £7.99 @ Gameplay [PC Game]

A good deal here on Battlefield 2142: Deluxe Addition which is being offered by Gameplay for £7.99. Currently the game is going for nearly £30 on Amazon so this is by far the best price available. So if you like robots, guns and some good old multiplayer sci –fi action, Battlefield 2142 is definitely a wise investment.

The story takes place in a devastated future Earth in which a new ice age has brought the world to the brink of apocalypse. With resources dwindling and human kind facing extinction, two super blocks have are engaged in vicious struggle for survival. Across the baron ice plains of a once green and fertile landscape, battle machines wage violent warfare while the skies are filled with high tech aircraft. These are the armies of the European Union and Pan – Asian – Coalition, and only one can emerge victorious and claim rights over the remnants of planet Earth.

So with a host of weapons from massive battle walkers, mines, clocking devices and armour, players have plenty to keep themselves occupied in this 64 person online multiplayer game. The deluxe pack also features a new Titian game mode. This challenges players to attempt to destroy their opponents Titian - which is a sort of heavily armoured mother ship. This is accomplished by firstly disabling its shields, then infiltrating the interior and finally destroying the Titian’s power core.

All in all the game features a massive variety of weapons and vehicles, and offers an online experience in which tactics and strategy are paramount. Even though this is a fairly old game given the mass of multiplayer formats which have been released over the last few years, by all accounts, the servers still buzz with activity. So on purchasing this game rest assured there is still a thriving online community to tap into. However do bare in mind that you will of course need a fairly decent internet connection or else the lag will have you only catching glimpses of the enemy before you're speedily dispatched to a re-spawn point.

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