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Battlefield 3 | £24.99 | Gameplay | PC

Tom Silkstone
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Battlefield 3 | £24.99 | Gameplay | PC

I would say that picking up Battlefield 3's a much better option than getting your hands on a copy of Modern Warfare 3. This one throws you into the action right from the start and there's some crazy multiplayer mayhem to be had. Unfortunately, the single player campaign's a tad on the linear side of things, but at least you'll still be shooting guns and throwing grenades around. Gameplay are parting with PC copies of the game for £24.99, which'll save you £2.50 on the next best offer coming in from Cool Shop UK.

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DivideByZero  Feb. 27, 2012 at 13:42

The PC multiplayer is so amazing on this. None of my friends liked it at first as they were not playing it as a team game and were running about like it was CoD... but once we hooked up for a game or two and I got them playing as a squad and doing it as a team they have all really got in to it.

I expect that this is going to take over my life again.


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