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Battlefield 3: End Game Vid Shows Off Parachuting Tanks

Matt Gardner
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Battlefield 3: End Game Vid Shows Off Parachuting Tanks

It's raining tanks! Hallelujah! It's raining tanks!

A recent in-house video from EA sees Battlefield 3: End Game's lead designer Niklas Fegraeus chatting about the new modes that'll be available in the upcoming expansion, as well as revealing the four maps coming with the DLC, and the new vehicles.

Detailing the new arenas, Fegreaus had this to say:

“We have the winter map, which is Sabalan Pipeline, and then we have Nebandan Flats, which is a big deserty, hot summer map. And then we have the kind of autumn map which is Operation Riverside and then Kiasar Railroad which is a spring, lush, green type of forest map.”

But the most exciting thing about the update with undoubtedly be the Dropship, which can parachute in heavy ordinance for your team.

“This is basically a rapid deployment idea," he said. "Which means that if you control the central base, you control a dropship which means that you can spawn inside an IUV dropping out of the dropship onto the battlefield through parachute. So you can get a surprise tank coming down from the sky to help your team, which is pretty cool.”

This brings a whole new level of awesome to the phrase "Bring the rain!"

Mmmm. Precipitanktion.

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Kopite211  Mar. 1, 2013 at 20:17

Flying tanks! I love BF3. AA jeeps are so needed.

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