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Battlefield 3 Offscreen Footage Sneaks Out Of GDC

Jonathan Lester
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Battlefield 3

Will Look "Very Good" On Consoles

We know you're psyched for Battlefield 3. It's managed to set the internet alight over the last few days thanks to a stunning showing at GDC... but some offscreen footage has sneakily crept through the burly security and PR ninjas that tend to surround the EA paddock. This stuff keeps getting pulled as often as it goes up, but here's a working link we've found. What's more, DICE have confirmed that BF3 will still "look good" on consoles despite only seeing PC footage so far.

The trailer (which is liable to be pulled at any time once EA learn how to read backwards) demonstrates two minutes of impressive gameplay as well as some new info about the lighting tech. There's also some tanks and planes, though blink and you'll miss it.

In other Battlefield 3 news, art director Gustav Tilleby has spoken out to reassure gamers that the console versions will still "look good" despite lacking the power of a high-end rig. Apparently it's all down to the Frostbite 2.0 engine, which packs impressive streaming tech as well as the ability to render advanced animations without taking up valuable processing power.

The positive thing is that the new rendering technique allows us to do more complex calculations at no extra cost. That’s the magic.

The game will look very good, even on 360. - Gustav Tilleby to NowGamer

We knew that people would think that this demo was running on PC, but the good thing is that it’s all based on streaming.

I can promise you that the console versions will still look amazing because of the core technology. If you have a 360, we want to use that machine to the maximum. - DICE Producer Patrick Bach

So there. We'll keep you posted- and try to keep that link up as long as possible.

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