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Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Top Two Million

Felix Kemp
Battlefield 3, EA Games

Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Top Two Million

"We're Doing Very, Very Well"

Whatever the outcome between EA and Battlefield 3's much publicized rivalry with Activision counterpart, Modern Warfare 3, both publishers can look forward to healthy November financial results. The latter is likely to shatter sales records as per usual and ensure Bobby Kotick's world domination fund is in fighting shape, but EA have a lot to celebrate, too, with the publisher reporting pre-orders for Battlefield 3 have passed two million.

"We're doing very, very well," EA product manager Kevin O'Leary told Fox Business. This past month, EA noted BF3's pre-order stats had reached 1.5 million, but that number has continued to rise. "A couple million out there. We already announced some great numbers so far. A couple more weeks to go, and we're very excited."

October and November are perhaps the most competitive months of the year, with most publishers reserving their biggest titles for just before Christmas. Ubisoft have Assassin's Creed Revelations all signed up; Bethesda are preparing to unleash Skyrim; and of course Acti have Modern Warfare 3 primed for its annual release. However, O'Leary actually credits BF3's pre-order numbers to the time-frame, with BF3 launching just ahead of the competition on October 25th.

"We're getting out in a great window," he said. "Obviously, holiday season is a great time to get the games out there. New thing for Battlefield, too, coming out in this holiday window, so we're excited about it, to get it out there, get it in people's hands." We'll be diving into DICE's much-hyped shooter very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. [Fox Business]

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NornIron Legend  Oct. 19, 2011 at 09:47

This is the one game i have been waiting for. As a new owner of a house i now have to choose between this and Call of Duty due to being skint.. This wins, though my mates will all by it.. they will all leave and play CoD when it arrives on the scene... it makes my heart sad... But never the less... i will soldier on in Battlefield and i for one loved the Beta :)

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