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Battlefield 3 Resolution Identical On Both Xbox 360, PS3

Felix Kemp
Battlefield 3, DICE, EA Games

Battlefield 3 Resolution Identical On Both Xbox 360, PS3

So, let's end this, shall we? Battlefield 3's resolution across consoles is identical. The game runs at a slightly cropped 720P resolution - 1280x704 as opposed to 1280x720 - with DICE shaving a few lines off due to performance and memory issues. Battlefield 3 has been the source of almost endless debate over its cross-platform technical merits. Initially demoed on the PC almost exclusively, that prompted fears the console versions weren't up to scratch.

Then, when the game was finally shown off on PS3 - running fine, by the way - that ostensibly meant the 360 version was lagging behind the other platforms. As it stands, both console versions run at an identical resolution, while DICE will be performing far more technical and incongruous magic to ensure they're visually identical. It'll look great, regardless of the platform. Remember that, folks. [Twitter]

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