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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Class Tweaks Detailed

Jonathan Lester
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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Class Tweaks Detailed

DICE has published a new blog post discussing some changes to the four Battlefield 4 multiplayer kits: Support, Engineer, Recon and Assault. Though their roles will be much the same, there'll be three variants of each for the Chinese, Russian and US factions, along with some new gear.

"Going into Battlefield 4, we knew we wanted to take the four playable classes from Battlefield 3 as a starting point," writes DICE designer Alan Kertz. "We’ve tweaked them to be more versatile and more highly specialized within their fields. Now more than ever, you can explore a wide range of combat roles and sub-roles when picking your load out and kit." DICE have laboured to increase mobility and versatility within each kit, while also upping the effectiveness of suppressive fire.

Let's get down to brass tacks. The Engineer will receive a greater variety of versatile anti-vehicle weapons (though he's already the preferred class in Armoured Kill by a country mile). “This includes everything from high damage weapons that may be more challenging to use (like RPG-7V2) to fire-and-forget smart weapons with low damage (like the MBT LAW), and the fan favorite Wire Guided Engineer Missile (the FGM-172 SRAW) that you might recognize from Battlefield 2," Kertz explained. Engineers will also have greater flexibility when it comes to disabling vehicles and guiding fly-by-wire missiles.

In response to community feedback, the Support Kit has been granted some more offensive options this time around (including a greater range of carbines and DMRs), making them more effective in a stand-up fight. The XM25 provides an indirect suppression option, while a rebuilt remote mortar delivers fearsome long-range firepower if spotted properly.

The Recon class is now even more mobile than before, with new options added for stealthy spec-ops action and assaults behind enemy lines. "Pack a carbine, C4 (or Claymores), and Motion Sensors and you’re good to go," Kertz explains. Sniper rifles, meanwhile, have been rebalanced across the board, while you can now zero and dial in your sights for greater accuracy - and authenticity.

Finally, the Assault Kit retains its dual role of bullet-hosing tank and combat medic. Their loadout remains largely unchanged, save for a new Health Kit that can be quickly applied to heal allies over time, and 40mm flashbang rounds to make a seriously impressive entrance.

There's plenty more detail in the post, especially about suppressive fire and field upgrades. If you're excited about Battlefield 4, it's well worth a lunchtime read.

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