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Battlefield Play4Free: There Is No Such Thing As A "Casual Shooter Fan"

Jonathan Lester
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We Are All Hardcore

Battlefield Play4Free: There Is No Such Thing As A "Casual Shooter Fan"

Our current poll on the Best FPS Series Of All Time is causing a major stir... and causing all us FPS fans to come out of the woodwork to nail our colours to the mast. But is our favourite genre under threat from casual and freemium titles? Rovio and Insomniac seem to think so, but according to the boss behind Battlefield Play4Free, the casual and hardcore markets are entirely seperate and can exist side by side.

More to the point, there's also apparently no such thing as a "casual shooter fan." Love killing stuff with guns? You. Are. Hardcore.

Speaking to games.on.net, Battlefield Play4Free's Ben Cousens discussed the fact that they originally intended to attract a Farmville-style audience, but that it simply doesn't exist for shooters.

[Battlefield Heroes] was an experiment to discover if there is such a thing as a casual shooter fan.

And the result of the experiment is that there is no such thing as a casual shooter fan. So 75 percent of our players on Heroes are core shooter fans.

In stark contrast to several companies over the last few weeks, Cousens also stated that the AAA market isn't under threat from casual/mobile games. It turns out that most of us like to play both, not either.

We’ve done … proper market research into how people experience free to play games, and they play them in addition to core games.

Battlefield Play4Free will be releasing on April 4th; providing a number of redesigned maps and assets from earlier Battlefield titles [thanks, Shang]. We'll keep you posted, shooter fans. In the meantime, you hardcore few, why not hit up our current poll and have your say?

Is there such a thing as a casual shooter fan? Are you one? And is the term "hardcore" and "casual" starting to lose all meaning? Have your say in the comments!

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Shang  Mar. 24, 2011 at 10:45


They're maps from Battlefield 2, not Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It has however assets for Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor (such as weapons)

His name is Benjamin Cousins (as in relation) not Cousens.

"...providing a number 0f maps..." You got a 0 in that of there.

Jonathan Lester  Mar. 24, 2011 at 10:52

Thanks Shang, credited.


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