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Battlefield Premium Finally Confirmed By DICE, PS3 Gets A Week Headstart

Matt Gardner
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Battlefield Premium Finally Confirmed By DICE, PS3 Gets A Week Headstart

We knew it was coming. The most poorly kept secret in gaming this year has finally emerged, as Peter Moore and Patrick Bach took the stage at EA’s E3 press conference to announce the launch of Battlefield Premium.

Those who sign up today can start playing Close Quarters immediately on PS3 as well, with PC and Xbox 360 owners getting it next week. It'll cost $49.99/£35.

“We’re listening to our fans and giving them more content. That’s why today, we’re pleased to announced Battlefield 3 Premium,” said Bach.

The final bit of DLC, which will emerge in March 2013, will also see the return of bikes to the series, and the duo dropped some impressive figures showing just how big a hit the franchise had become.

Since Battlefield 3 launched, figures suggest that over 1.6 trillion bullets have been fired and 43 million flight hours have been logged by 15 million players worldwide.

You can watch the Battlefield Premium trailer below...

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itsamemario2  Jun. 4, 2012 at 23:39

ps3 will need the headstart if battlefield 1943 stats were anything to go by :P xbox users had logged nearly tripple the kills/game time and unlocked the extra maps in no time, will be interesting to see how long before more hours are logged for this one.

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