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Battleforge £3.99 @ HMV (PC Games)

Marius Goubert
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Battleforge £3.99 @ HMV (PC Games)Merging real time strategy gameplay with a collectable card game might sound overambitious, but it’s a combination which has been brilliant executed by the developers of Battleforge. The game is currently going for just £3.99 on HMV which is a great deal considering the next best price comes in at £9.99 from Coolshop.

The gameplay of Battleforge sees the player battling it out against their opponent RTS style with a variety of fantasy creatures. However instead of recruiting units from a barracks or base, the player uses an interactive card deck to summon units directly onto the battlefield. This is done using points acquired from captured power wells which essentially function as the game’s resource. You can also acquire orbs from various structures scattered across the environment which enable you to upgrade and gain access to more powerful cards. And although the system might sound complex, it’s brilliantly designed, and the sheer level of depth on offer means you can devout many happy hours tweaking your various decks outside battles.

Although the gameplay seamlessly integrates RTS with a collectable card game however, the story can be quite frustrating to follow. Essentially, Battleforge casts the player as a skylord who is rewarded by the gods for giving aid in a war against giants…or something along those lines. But if you’re really interesting in pursing the accompanying narrative, it isn’t easy, as the story is related in the form of an on-screen book which, unfortunately, you can’t book mark, which means you have to spend a great deal of time sifting through virtual pages to read new sections. The campaign is also annoyingly short, but that said, Battleforge does get things spot on when it comes to online multiplayer. So if you’re an RTS fan, Battleforge is definitely worth a look – even if you hate collectable card games.

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Matthew  Mar. 11, 2010 at 14:21

Is anyone else able to add this to your basket? Every time I try to, I get redirected back to the same page or the home page without it being added. I've tried with Chrome and Firefox so it doesn't appear to be a browser issue.

Matt Gardner  Mar. 11, 2010 at 14:28

Hmmm. Odd one, this. I tried it on Chrome and IE and wasn't redirected to the home page, but simple refreshed as though the item had been added yet my basket remained empty.

It could be a stock issue, although the site suggests that's not the case. May just be a temporary glitch with the HMV site.

Dan  Mar. 11, 2010 at 15:47

It's worth noting that you can try the game for free at http://www.battleforge.com/ but the boxed version comes with 3000 points to buy cards with. Yeah, you have to spend real money to exchange into points to buy more cards.....


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