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Bayonetta £14.85 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

Brendan Griffiths

Bayonetta £14.85 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

Kratos a bit too much of a homicidal maniac for you? If you like your doses of ultra violence to have a dash of crazy about them then it’s time you made a date with Bayonetta.

That’ll save you a few quid on the next best deal of £16.99 over at Game Connection.

Bayonetta has sprung from the mind of Hideki Kamiya who brought us the original Devil May Cry and it plays in a similar manner. It merges gunplay and melee combat, with a huge variety of moves available from the start. The PS3 version’s slightly reduced frame-rate might cause you some problems in the higher difficulty settings with your button-timings though as the fights are ludicrously fast.

Weapons include guns, kicking, swords, whips and gauntlets. You can seamlessly swap between melee weapons mid-combo which can be devastatingly effective. Hold down an attack button at the end of a combo and Bayonetta will hold the final position while shooting her guns from her hands or feet. Brilliantly stylish and a cool way to finish a killer combo.

Instead of blocking, Bayonetta can nimbly dodge any attack with a push of R2. If you do this at the last moment before getting cut in half you activate a slow motion effect called Witch Time. It looks, feels and plays awesomely and is easily the most important feature of the combat.

That’s saying something seeing as you can also shove your enemies into a cruel variety of torture instruments or activate a Wicked Weave move which is where a portal will open and your hair transforms into a giant fist or foot to smash and stomp enemies. This gets even more nuts with Climax attacks for boss fights where you summon various demons (still made of your hair) like giant dogs or birds to tear them up like chew-toys with you bashing buttons to inflict extra damage.

Difficulty levels are widely different. The easy-auto mode has become known as a one-handed mode as it’s practically on auto pilot with no direction of timing required. However, unequip the marionette item and you’ll regain creative control and keep the weaker enemies. The normal setting might kick your ass for a while first time in

You may have heard about the PS3 version being the inferior one, sadly it’s true. The graphics are slightly duller and the frame rate isn’t as good. The annoying 'loading' messages every time you pick up an item or pause the game have been improved a little since release as an update was released so players could perform a game data install. The story blows for both consoles though and the never-ending parade of interrupting cut-scenes smacks of Kojima.

If you’re a fan of the genre though this is well worth your attention, especially seeing as it absolutely hammers God of War III for combat depth. There are so many combos available for each weapon from the off, you might not bother buying any more. They’re all so easy to pull off too which makes you feel like a gaming bad-ass throughout.

Thanks to flamingcarrot for the find at HotUkDeals.

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Ben  May. 9, 2010 at 17:25


its £12.75 delivered

Emma Kelly  May. 9, 2010 at 17:27

That better deal has appeared since we posted this one on Dealspwn. Thanks for the heads up!

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