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Bayonetta £24.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Bayonetta £24.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 Games]

There are only a few games that you'd feel genuinely embarrassed for playing should your wife or girlfriend or (god forbid) your mother walk in whilst your doing so. Games like any of the Dead or Alive spinoffs or Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. Bayonetta might just fall into that category with a protagonist wearing a catsuit made of her own hair and a penchant for nudist posing in the heat of battle. If all of this sounds a little like one of Hugh Hefner's more bizarre afternoons, then you'd be right. But there's some the best combat action ever seen in a game to counterbalance it.

If the thought of a cross between Devil May Cry and the Playboy mansion excites you then you'll be pleased  to know that you can now pick up a copy of Bayonetta for just under £25 at Gamestation, saving you a good couple of quid on the nearest competitor over at Amazon.

I may have highlighted the over-sexualisation on show in Bayonetta but whilst there is quite a lot of it, there are so many better things to talk about with this game. The seamless combat engine for example, that not only allows for, but rewards, combination experimentation; the fantastic graphics and brilliant enemy design; and the enormous monstrosities that tower over you in the boss fights all serve to immerse you in a gameplay experience that's so simply laid out yet challenging, engrossing to player yet fantastical all the same, and, most importantly, bundles of fun.

Bayonetta is an exceptional game, adventurous and ambitious, and with loads of character. Don't bother worrying about the story, it more or less gets in the way and proves incomprehensible on a first playthrough anyway. Just get a controller in your hand and try it out. If this sort of game is your cup of tea, then you're in for a real treat.

You can find a longer analysis of Bayonetta's merits and faults here.

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