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Bayonetta £29.75 @ ShopTo [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Bayonetta £29.75 @ ShopTo [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

Imagine, if you will, a scenario where you are a hot demonic witch battling against the 'evil' forces of Heaven who just happen to look like the sort of creatures that would get Bernard Matthews sued. What would you do? Would fend them off with awesome magical blasts of pure awesomeness? Would you cast a spell on them or turn them into a toad? Well, Bayonetta does none of these things. Instead, she fights off her adversaries with guns strapped to all four limbs, kick-ass balletic kung-fu, and a catsuit made of her own hair that has a tendency to fall from her form suddenly and turn into a massive angel-chomping dragon.

If any of that sounds appealling (and it should, balletic kung-fu is brilliant!) you might want to check out this deal for the game of the same name as ShopTo is selling copies of both versions of Bayonetta for just £29.75. If you're an X360 owner, this will only net you a saving of a few pence (although it does still fall into the magical sub-thirty category), but PS3 owners will save themselves at good £3 or so on the nearest competitor (MyMemory - £32.95).

Bayonetta is basically what would happen if you took Devil May Cry and gave it boobs. Leaving the S & M characterisation of the eponymous heroine aside for the moment, everything about this game feels smooth and silky. The combat is peerless, and I mean that. The ease with which you can sink into the rhythm-based counter manouevres to the natural way you can discover new combos without checking a manual or guide and link visually stunning moves together is astounding.

That's not to say it's easy. True, Bayonetta might be slightly more forgiving than its genetic older brother, but it will still challenge you, particularly on the harder difficulty settings. The story makes no sense whatsoever, and the Jpop soundtrack might strike some as being a little incongruous, but I love this game. It steadfastly refuses to take itself too seriously whilst simultaneously offering up arguably some of the most seamless combat ever seen. Plus it's really fun.

You can read my full review here.

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