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Bayonetta £9.99 @ Ebuyer [PS3 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Bayonetta £9.99 @ Ebuyer [PS3 Games]

A Heartless Attack

If witches clothed in hair, able to summon dragons and almighty fists from the ether, forced to do battle with warmongering cherubs sounds like an appropriately eccentric slice of vintage Japanese game design, then Bayonetta, Platinum Games' answer to their former stables Devil May Cry, is now available for the cut-price of £9.99.

Created by legendary former Capcom designer, Hideki Kamiya, Bayonetta scored a well-deserved 87 on MetaCritic, with critics citing the near-flawless controls and combat system, but lamenting the story and awful voice-acting as minor drawbacks. I think this deal boils down to a simple equation; if you're a fan of the likes of Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden and so on, you've got a tenner to spare and time to waste (invest?), then buy this game. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

The story for Bayonetta is an excuse to wrap encounters like a leather-clad witch facing off against a giant flying angel atop a plummeting clock-tower caught in free fall. The eponymous heroine, Bayonetta, is a member of a secret and very powerful witch-clan, but is betrayed by a close ally and finds herself embroiled in a heavenly battle with angels, cherubs and even demons. It's a ridiculous plot with dialogue so badly written and delivered its beyond laughable. It's side-splitting, blood vessel-popping stuff.

I think Bayonetta's charm can be chalked down to one image; her gun-clad high heels. Bayonetta can arch her back, stretch and straighten either leg, and rattle off a volley of bullets from the pistols stowed in her shoes. Brilliant stuff. Then, there's her magical powers, which appear to be charged by her hair. Even her outfit is comprised of hair, as when she performs a magical attack, her slick black outfit disappears, although Bayonetta isn't one to worry over such aesthetic concerns as public nudity.

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