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Beneath A Steel Sky Creators To Collaborate On New Game

Jonathan Lester
Beneath A Steel Sky, Charles Cecil, Dave Gibbons, Revolution Software

Beneath A Steel Sky Creators To Collaborate On New Game

Watchmen Co-Creator Reunited With Broken Sword Developer

Comic legend Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen co-creation fame) will be teaming up with Revolution Sofware's Charles Cecil again to create an original game. Considering that the duo designed cult classic Beneath A Steel Sky, you should probably be very excited about this.

"Charles and I have been talking for a while about doing an original game," Gibbons told Eurogamer at GameCityNights. "We've got a really good idea. He's been very busy doing these very successful reboots of Broken Sword. I don't know but I think there might even be another one of those on the way. And I'm busy at the moment working with Mark Miller on Secret Service. But when our works there are finished, something we really want to do is get back together.

Though hesitant to discuss details at this early stage, Gibbons did confirm that the new pr0ject will be an entirely original concept, but will "feel" like their previous works.

"It'll have a strong graphic identity. It's strange - when you get the germ for an idea for something, you can almost touch it. It's like you can almost hold it. It's going to be something that combines a lot of the things I'm perhaps best known for, which are a design sense and a sense of symbolism and maybe an obsessive attention to background detail."

"If you're asking, will it look like a Dave Gibbons game, yes it will look like a Dave Gibbons game. There would be no point in Charles [Cecil] collaborating with me if it was going to look like a Joe Blow game."

We'll keep you posted. For now, if you want a taste of Gibbons' and Cecil's work, Beneath A Steel Sky is free to download and play on GoG.

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