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Bethesda Count Down To First In-Game Look At Skyrim

Felix Kemp
Games news, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda Count Down To First In-Game Look At Skyrim

We're big fans of Skyrim here at Dealspwn, and I personally cannot wait to dive into Bethesda's next life-crushing adventure. We've seen little to nothing of the game thus far, other than the vaguest of vague teasers and scans from Game Informer's expose. But according to a countdown clock on Bethesda's website, we're due the first in-game look at Skyrim in less than a day!

UPDATE! The footage has now been released. My response? Wow! It's spectacular, showing a titanic clash between the Dragonborn (you!) and his namesake adversary, inter-cut with clips of the rugged beauty of Skyrim. We see thriving towns teetering on the edge of cliffs, snowy woodlands, dark, dank dungeons and a healthy sprinkling of visceral, much-improved combat! Check it out below.

As it stands whilst I'm writing this piece, we're 22 hours away from the unveiling. Which means tomorrow early evening, we'll be feasting ourselves on the first tantalizing glimpse at a true next-gen Elder Scrolls experience. From what I can glean from the sole preview at Game Informer, the footage might entail the legendary Greybeards, a secretive faction who possess the knowledge of defeating dragons. They're located atop a mountain known as the Throat of the World, and reaching them is no easy feat, with thousands of steps to climb and monsters to vanquish.

It wouldn't be surprising to see Bethesda debut this footage. After all, dragons are the key component of Skyrim, and a mountainous trek showcasing the improved engine and beautiful vistas, not to mention a reptilian showdown or too, is the perfect way to demonstrate the advances Bethesda had made. So, a day away from Skyrim info. Life sure is sweet. [Bethesda]

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