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Bethesda: Dawnguard PS3 Delay Not Due To Hearthfire Development

Jonathan Lester
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Bethesda: Dawnguard PS3 Delay Not Due To Hearthfire Development

Skyrim expansion Dawnguard still isn't available for PS3 even though a brand new expansion pack set to launch on Xbox Live next week. Bethesda has been fielding some pointed questions from disgruntled PS3 owners, explaining that Hearthfire's development isn't taking resources away from getting Dawnguard on to Sony's console.

Bethesda's Pete Hines received several inquiries on Twitter, with one fan (@ElderScrollsOTR) suggesting that : "Fans are upset at the idea of Xbox getting a 2nd DLC when PS3 hasn't had #dawnguard released yet." Hines replied that "we are working on multiple projects, even beyond those two things. The entire team doesn't work on one thing at a time."

Hines responded to other questions and complaints by suggesting that Bethesda are "disappointed too, but we're keeping at it" - all while reaffirming that different teams are working on Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

Dawnguard didn't reach PS3 because Bethesda wasn't satisfied with its performance (the PS3 being something of a problem console for the company). A release date still hasn't been confirmed.

Hearthfire, announced yesterday, will let players own land, build a house and adopt children. It will cost 400 Microsoft Points when it launches next week on Xbox Live.

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Jerec  Aug. 29, 2012 at 22:25

I cant believe Bethesda still can't develop a game that runs on the PS3 after what? Nearly 6 years of it being out?

Theres loads of cross platform games that run perfectly on both consoles. Its **** what they are saying.


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