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Bethesda Didn't Want To Force Multiplayer on Wolfenstein: The New Order

Matt Gardner
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Bethesda Didn't Want To Force Multiplayer on Wolfenstein: The New Order

The upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order will arrive bereft of any sort of multiplayer component, which is something perhaps worthy of note in an age where replayability is key and more and more games are seeking to be content-stuffed timesinks over anything else.

The reason for this? Well, it wasn't in Machine Games' plan for the game and Bethesda respected that. Good on them.

“We talked to Machine Games about the game they wanted to make and multiplayer wasn’t in their thought process," said Bethesda's UK PR guru Pete Hines.

“We’re not going to force it down their throats and say, ‘Well, the last games did, so you have to do it.’ These guys do cool stuff. If you look at The Chronicles of Riddick or you look at The Darkness, those games have a creative element to them that is similar to the things they’re doing in Wolfenstein and that’s what attracted us to them, and that’s what attracted us to their vision of Wolfenstein.

“And we said ‘Okay, run with that.’ We’re not going to say, ‘Oh, we’ll find somebody else to do the multiplayer.’”

We have to say we really rather enjoyed Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer, but we're also enormous fans of developers being free to put their time and efforts into whatever they want to make. So, yay. [EG]

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Late  Jun. 21, 2013 at 14:59

Not many companies can make single player games as long-lasting or compelling as Bethesda. (Reminds me - I really must get round to "finishing" Skyrim at some point. Loved that game and probably spent around 80 hours on it - never got bored and never finished most of the story lines. Was also one of those games where family members could watch and not get too bored.)
If they'd felt the need to add multiplayer I would've been worried.


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