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Bethesda: Good Graphics Essential For 'A Sense Of Immersion'

Matt Gardner
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Bethesda: Good Graphics Essential For 'A Sense Of Immersion'
The graphics debate has raged for years. We all love a good, shiny, eye-popping retinal smörgåsbord, but are visuals really that crucial to gaming? Well, speaking in an OXM podcast, Bethesda's VP of Marketing, Peter Hines, has branded those suggestions that graphics don't matter as 'lying'.

'There's a lot of people who say graphics don't matter. To them I usually say "you're lying",' said Hines.

'[People] will look at a screenshot and make a snap decision: "that looks awesome", or "I'm not interested". So if you can make something look amazing just at first glance, it's so much easier to get them.'

He added that he felt quality visual play an integral part in creating a 'sense of immersion' and, with Skyrim on the horizon, the company is 'looking for the best sense of immersion you can get'.

We'd argue somewhat differently, considering that most of Bethesda's game's have actually looked fairly diabolical recently. We certainly didn't fall in love with Fallout 3 and New Vegas for their good looks and, with some of the finest RPGs of all time coming from 8 and 16-bit era gaming, we might wonder where Hines' perspective fits into that.

What do you think? Are graphics really important. Are people just lying when they say otherwise? Get involved and tell us your point of view below!

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Matthew  Mar. 18, 2011 at 09:46

I think graphics are pretty important to developers, who obviously want to make the game as 'lush' and detailed as it stands in their original vision of the product. I also think that graphics are important to publishers for pretty much the reason that our lovely marketing droid has mentioned in the article.

I definitely think it is correct that an impressive screenshot will capture the interest of players and make them seek information about the product - and that's where things start to fall down. If the product is rubbish, all the pretty graphics in the world won't save you (cf Rise of the Robots). Unless you are making Franchise Name #5 or whatever of course, when people will buy it for the sake of buying it.


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