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Bethesda: Skyrim Dawnguard Expansion "Not Announced" For PS3 & PC

Jonathan Lester
Bethesda, Dawnguard, DLC, PC, PS3, Skyrim

Bethesda: Skyrim Dawnguard Expansion "Not Announced" For PS3 & PC

"No Timeline" For Other Platforms

After Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion pack launched on June 26th for the Xbox 360, most of us assumed that it would hit the PS3 and PC thirty days later as a timed exclusive. We assumed wrong.

Bethesda has now spoken out to categorically state that they "never announced" Dawnguard for any other platforms, and that there's "no timeline" for a PS3 or PC release as yet.

“We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news,” Bethesda marketing guru Pete Hines stated on Twitter. “If we have news, I promise I’d tell you.”

However, there's still hope for a PS3 and PC Dawnguard release - Bethesda will discuss it when they're ready. "I was simply stating that expecting/demanding something today is unfounded," Hines continued. "Not that news is never coming." We daresay that PC players will be too busy playing any number of mods to notice, though.

In other Skyrim news: Bethesda also confirmed that Skyrim patch 1.7 will release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 "in the coming weeks" (the beta is already available to download on Steam), and that the PS3 version will include all the improvements of patch 1.6, which skipped Sony's console.

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Late  Jul. 27, 2012 at 11:21

Most curious.
At 1600msp it's presumably been a big money-spinner for them on the 360. The development costs for bringing it to the ps3 and pc should be low, so bringing it out on the other two platforms would be a massive earner. It makes no sense not to release it...

Kopite211  Jul. 27, 2012 at 15:19

Dear Bethesda, WHAT THE ****?!?!

JonLester  Jul. 27, 2012 at 16:41

I'm sure that Dawnguard will reach the PC and PS3 eventually, as Late said, Bethesda would be mad to turn down all that delicious money. For now, though, we'll have to wait until they're ready to announce it.

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