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Bethesda Unveils Dishonored For 2012

Jonathan Lester
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Bethesda Unveils Dishonored For 2012

Bethesda has officially revealed Dishonored, the first game from Arkane Studios now that they're safely nestled under the Bethesda publishing label. Flying in the face of traditional sensationalist thrill rides, Dishonored will be a first person stealth/action hybrid that's all about infiltration and "assassination where you don't have to kill anyone." It's slated for a 2012 launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC - and we have the full story below.

Oh, and please excuse me if I accidentally add an extra "u" into the name from time to time.

Game Informer are running Dishonoured as their August magazine cover, along with a blowout preview and interview that they've teased on their official site. According to their intel, the project is being crafted by a number of massively influential designers including Deus Ex co-creator Harvey Smith and Viktor Antonov who designed Half Life 2's City 17. Their expertise will be put to good use in creating a truly original game that provides the "antithesis of a edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride; focusing on non linear choices and granting the player multiple methods of completing objectives.

When entering an enemy base, for example, players will have the option of bloodlessly infiltrating the facility, luring the guards into vicious traps or brutally putting down its defenders with "brutal" yet silent kills. Morality choices will also affect the storyline, though these situations will evolve organically through gameplay rather than through conversation trees and cutscenes.

Exciting stuff, and we can't wait to know more. As stated above, Dishonored is set f0r a 2012 release - and we'll bring you more details as we hear it.

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