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Big Brain Academy £9.99 @ Comet [Wii Games]

Marius Goubert
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Big Brain Academy £9.99 @ Comet [Wii Games]With the likes of Brain Training, Wii Fit and about a million other self-help systems offering us salvation from our disgusting bodies and dissolving brains, Nintendo seem to have morphed into a kind of guru-life-coach. With dubious science they point out our physical/psychological inadequacies and - rather than providing us with a short holiday from it all - seem to just perpetuate society's unrelenting bullshit. However at least Big Brain Academy doesn’t try and big-up its brain-teaser-mini-games with claims they actually increase your below-average intelligence. Instead, the game focuses more on simply making things enjoyable, and in this respect, it does succeed.

So if you’re one of those people who labour over puzzles, brain teasers, crosswords etc because you actually enjoy them and not because you’re worried your brain might melt, you can currently pick up a copy of BBA for just £9.99 at Comet. This is a good deal considering the next best price comes in at £4 more from Amazon Jersey.

With its functional, basic look, BBA tests the player’s competency in a range of different areas. The mini-games themselves are simple to understand and easy to interact with, and the tasks vary from things like popping numbered balloons in ascending order to remembering customer food orders which you receive through the Wii Remote (like it’s a phone). ‘Test’ is probably the most significant game mode as it accesses your overall skill and translates it into a letter grade score which is accompanied with a short phrase describing your brain type. The game isn’t quite as flashy as some of its contemporaries, but has a decent range of challenging and entertaining mini-games, and (in many cases) is far less pretentious.

Thanks to Whizzkid from Hotukdeals.

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