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Little Big Planet £8.98 @ Games-Basement [PS3 Game]

Felix Kemp
Little Big Planet, Platform games, PS3 games
Playstation 3

Little Big Planet £8.98 @ Games-Basement [PS3 Game]

Create your own games and distribute them to your fellow Sackboys by purchasing Little Big Planet, available from Games-Basement for only £8.98!

Dunked into a price-comparison, Games-Basement’s deal for Little Big Planet proved to be the cheapest around, with a three-pound saving! Delivery’s free, too. Since its release, Little Big Planet has charmed consumers and critics alike, with its blend of physics-based platforming, stitched-together aesthetics and powerful customisation and creation tools. It earned an impressive 95/100 on MetaCritic, with GamePro and G4TV each awarding it a perfect score.

Little Big Planet is essentially two games in one. You begin by creating your Sackboy, your virtual avatar to explore and create with. Your Sackboy resides in a floating cardboard box, with three planets orbiting nearby. These planets refer to the Play. Create. Share. tagline, with your Sackboy able to explore the largest world to earn tools, equipment, props and decorators, for use in the second, moon-like world, where he can create entire levels, with their theme, layout, objects, set-pieces and even music malleable to his whim. Then, once his masterpiece is finished, he can upload it to the third planet for other Sackboys enjoyment.

Little Big Planet’s gameplay is a lot like Mario. Your Sackboy can run, hop and bound around perilous environments. But unlike the rigid world of Mario, Little Big Planet’s vistas react depending on their material and weight. Sponge is soft and can be pushed, wood is hard but can act as a counter-weight, and balloons, once released, can float away. The levels are perfectly crafted, and once you try to design your own, a renewed sense of admiration for the craft and work-ethic of Little Big Planet emerges.

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