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From Big Screen DSis To Borderlands Online Bugs: News Roundup October 27th

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Today’s news roundup sees rumours of yet another DSi model hitting Japan, an Excitebike sequel make its way onto WiiWare, and complaints of online play in Borderlands resulting in erasure of character development.

New DSi Model Boasting Larger Screen Planned For Japan

From Big Screen DSis To Borderlands Online Bugs: News Roundup October 27th

Nintendo appear to be aiming for at least one new DS model a year to sell to the unsuspecting public, because according to the Japanese Nikkei news service, Nintendo are planning to introduce a new DSi model to Japan, this time with a slightly bigger screen.  Are you as excited as I am?  The new model boasts a 4-inch screen (as opposed to the original DSi’s 3.25-inch screen) and will be offered for the same price as the current DSi.

Nikkei point out the larger screen may be an attempt to market the DSi to the older demographic, who may not enjoy the same quality of eyesight they had in their youth.  Aside from the larger screen, everything else will remain unchanged.  No release date has been confirmed, and whether this model will appear elsewhere is still under discussion.  Assuming an official announcement will soon follow, we’ll let you know more as soon as we find out.  [Kotaku]

New Excitebike Revealed For WiiWare

From Big Screen DSis To Borderlands Online Bugs: News Roundup October 27th

Nintendo’s Wii channel revealed some pleasant news for Nintendo fans today, unveiling a new sequel to old classic Excitebike.  The announcement states Excitebike: World Rally is intended for a rather surprising November 9th release date on WiiWare.

A short video shows off the games 2.5D look, also revealing a track editor, optional motion controls, and online multiplayer support.  More details are sure to follow, but with a November 9th release date it’s not like you’ll have to wait too long.  [NintendoEverything]

Playing Borderlands Online May Erase Character Development

From Big Screen DSis To Borderlands Online Bugs: News Roundup October 27th

Borderlands is the latest release to be surrounded by unfortunate online issues, despite an otherwise positive reception.  A few players on all three formats have reported bugs whenever playing multiplayer resulting in the wiping of their characters’ progress.   Complaints on the official Gearbox forums highlight issues such as skill points and weapon proficiencies being reset to zero upon players joining or leaving a match, with no apparent way of recovering the lost data.

Kissing these hard-earned skill points and advanced abilities goodbye does not bode well with these players, although Gearbox is currently working on a solution, frequently responding with a statement reading: “Your report has been heard and we're working on it. Unfortunately there isn't a fix just yet, but when one is available we hope to be able to repair as much of your character data as possible.”  A patch will likely be issued as soon as its available, but until then be aware of the consequences of online play.  [1UP]

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