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Binary Domain Multiplayer Details Revealed

Felix Kemp
Binary Domain, Sega

Binary Domain Multiplayer Details Revealed

We managed to preview Binary Domain back in August over at GamesCom in Cologne, and walked away very impressed. Marrying solid third-person shooter controls with a fantastic procedural damage system, it looks set to be an interesting addition to 2012's roster when it hits store shelves in February. SEGA have kept the multiplayer pretty under wraps, but we've managed to pry some choice details from the publisher on Binary Domain's exciting competitive and co-operative modes.

Multiplayer Modes

SEGA have high hopes for Binary Domain, and its multiplayer component features no less than seven game modes, from objective-based affairs with goals in mind to less mindful bloodbaths where its all about pulling the trigger and keeping your body out of line-of-sight.

Date Capture: Sort of like a free-for-all Capture the Flag, Data Capture pits two teams of five against each other and tasks them with capturing either side's data module, which must be returned to the team console where its precious data can be ripped. I love objective-based modes, so if SEGA can balance the mechanics properly, this could be great fun.

Domain Control: Two teams of five, one defending an area, the other seeking to invade and capture it. So, King of the Hill, then. A well-worn mode, but fun nonetheless. Another objective-based mode, which is encouraging, because the best shooters can pitch their mechanics atop simple ideas and still be fun.

Team Survival: It's Team Deathmatch, only each player has one life and the last man left standing crowns his team victorious. Fans of Counter Strike should love this knife-edge mode, which is always great fun with a good team around you.

Operation: Like Domain Control, one team is tasked with defending a supply crate, while the other team must destroy it. According to the SEGA press-sheet, "intensifying objectives maintains variety and requires adaptability". Whatever that means, it sounds like Operation will have an adaptable structure.

Team Deathmatch: You know the drill. Two teams, you all have guns, and for some nebulous reason you've decided you must slaughter each other. Whichever team has the highest score at the end of the round is crowned victorious.

Free For All: Up until now, we've been covering team-based modes. Free for All, however, is all about you and your wits. "Every man for himself," is how SEGA pitches it. You'll have your usual roundup of kamikaze runners and crafty sneakers. The player with the highest score at the end of the round wins.

Invasion: Binary Domain's sole co-operative mode, Invasion pitches a team of four against ever-growing waves of "robot attackers". You must work together to survive, apparently.


SEGA have shaken up the standard tropes of third-person shooter multiplayer modes by including a number of varied classes tailored to specific play-styles. If you enjoy mixing it up and filling out a role in a team, then you'll be pretty chuffed with this.

Heavy Gunner: A shuffling brute, the Heavy Gunner is armed with the fearsome Light Machine Gun and traded grace and speed for sheer strength and power. The Heavy Gunner is capable of soaking up and doling out more damage than any other class, but will feel a little like he's wandering underwater.

Recon: A crafty class, the Recon comes armed with a Sniper Rifle and prefers to engage the enemy from afar. An expert at long-range, the Recon class won't be quite so adept in a close-quarters firefight, but find a decent position with a good lay of the land, and you'll be reaping the rewards in no time.

Special Operations: Tailored for players who like to mix and match their games, the Special Operations class has enough speed and cutting-edge to engage enemies in a variety of styles. Armed with a Sub Machine Gun, the Special Operations class is likely to leave a trail of spent shells in his wake, not to mention bullet-riddled corpses.

Demolitions: The Demolitions class isn't afraid to wade into the thick of the action, well-padded in armor and carrying a Shotgun in tow, he's the perfect close-quarters combatant. You'll know ones around when you hear a deafening thud and a sharp chit-chit.

Assault: A jack of all trades but master of none, the Assault class will always be found in the middle of a firefight he most likely started. He's armed with the Assault Rifle, which packs solid fire-rate with decent accuracy.

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