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The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Headed To Consoles

Jonathan Lester
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The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Headed To Consoles

During a lengthy post-mortem for disturbing and reprehensibly addictive roguelike The Binding Of Isaac, Edmund McMillen reveals that a improved version will eventually make its way to consoles.

"A few months ago I was contacted by Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis (publisher of Cave Story, VVVVVV) and asked about how I felt about remaking The Binding of Isaac for consoles," McMillen wrote on Gamasutra. "I love consoles as much as the next guy, but dealing with the business end of console development wasn't something I wanted to dive back into at this point."

"I told him yes, but I had a few strict guidelines to make sure an Isaac remake was perfect."

These guidelines include a full visual remake that turns the graphics into 16-Bit style (a downgrade?), local co-op and an as yet-unreleased expansion as standard.

"It's still too early to tell for sure what consoles the game will end up on," McMillen continued, "but both Microsoft and Sony feel like it would be a perfect fit for their digital platforms, and we have a feeling the new look might soften up a few people at Nintendo for a possible Wii U/3DS eShop release. I'm wary about how the game might control on iPad, but if they can make it work, I'm all for it."

Both Microsoft and Sony have been linked to The Binding Of Isaac over the last year, suggesting that McMillen has been holding out for the right partner. With Nicalis on board, perhaps the obstinate Nintendo might finally be swayed?

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