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Bionic Commando £7.00 @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Bionic Commando £7.00 @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3 Games]It’s been over twenty years since Nathan Spencer last swung onto our consoles with his bionic appendage. And any fans old enough to remember the eighties original will know that this was a game which really sticks in your mind on account of its extreme difficulty. Indeed, back in eighties when Arnie and Dolph Lundgren action movies were all the rage, it wasn’t ASBOs youngsters paraded like badges of honour, but their conquests on Bionic Commando (those were the days).

Now, further saturating the videogame market with another nostalgic resurrection of an all time classic, Bionic Commando has been brought up to date as an enjoyable 3D action romp which, despite the odd irritation, is good enough to sink your teeth into for its eight or so hour duration. So, if interested, the game is currently going for £7.00 from Tesco Entertainment which is the cheapest deal currently available.

Like its predecessor, the gameplay of Bionic Commando centres upon Nathan’s multipurpose prosthetic arm which fires out a web of wire and allows the player to swing – Spiderman style – through the ruins of Ascension city. But unlike Spiderman, Bionic Commando is maddeningly unforgiving. Accuracy is paramount, as all it takes is one slight slip up to send Spencer hurtling down the side of a skyscraper to his death. So still retaining the character of the 80s original, Bionic Commando is quite tough to get the hang of – at least initially. But if you have the resolve to master those swing mechanics, the gameplay is satisfying and highly entertaining.

Although it has a firearm element, weapons and ammo are few and far between, and attacking enemies by throwing large pieces of debris with Spencer’s super arm, or swinging down to drop kick a few heads is much more rewarding. Its linear layout is probably one of the most disappointing aspects of BC, as the environments look great. Things are made worse by sporadic checkpoints and the fact you can’t reply levels to unlock trophies etc. That said however, BC is a game which delivers some originality and loads of action. Some may condemn it for its cheesiness and the ludicrous nature of the storyline - which is undoubtably true - but to be honest, I don’t see why that’s such a bad thing? After all, BC is from the 80s…

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