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Bioshock 2 £10.20 with code, £12.00 without @ Tesco [PS3 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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Bioshock 2 | Playstation 3

Bioshock 2 £10.20 with code, £12.00 without @ Tesco [PS3 Games]

Our favourite Tesco code is coming to an end August 31st so you’ll have to be quick to snap up any late offers. Grab the classic Bioshock 2 for £10.20 by entering the promotional code FTSL15-1 for 15% off, or if you’ve used it already, you can get it for the still very reasonable £12.00. The next best price is £14.95 at MyMemory.

With Bioshock Infinite in production now, this would be an ideal time to pick this up, just in-case you read any spoilers when reading about the next game.

The story resumes ten years after the first game later but the Little Sisters and their lumbering protectors are still found wandering Rapture’s art deco halls, constantly wary of the threat of the Splicers. This time around you find yourself in a different part of Rapture and in some very different shoes. The huge boots of the first Big Daddy no less, who has been awakened to try and help… well, I won’t spoil it.

Like the last game, the story is mainly told via radio transmissions and audio logs scattered around the ruined city. These logs consist of bits of conversation or diaries that predate the city’s fall, but with ominous early warning signs for what was coming. Or even during it (to chilling effect) or maybe afterwards.

As a Big Daddy you can adopt any little Little Sister, but you’ll have to dispatch her current guardian first. It might just break your heart seeing her sobbing at his side after you’ve just burnt him to death in front of her. They see the Big Daddies as being linked together though so are happy to join you, seemingly glad just not to be left to the splicers who’d rip her apart for Adam supplies.

The most memorable part of the first game was how the player could decide the fate of the Little Sisters. Originally the character designers were told to design them as something “pathetic that would break the player’s heart.” They nailed it first time around, and players who made things difficult for themselves by saving them were suitably rewarded.

Now you can get your little one to harvest some extra Adam from corpses before deciding whether to free or harvest her. This adds a new gameplay mechanic for the series where it is your turn to watch over her while she drains a corpse. Splicers will come out of nowhere to try and kill you both. Thankfully you can set up traps with laser-activated rivet shots, mini-rivet turrets, trip-wires and mines.

The game just has so much personality and a rich sense of history that is slowly revealed throughout at a well-timed pace. At around 15 hours, you’ll probably be able to discover most of  the game’s secrets, but multiple endings, DLC (purchased separately) and the sense of there may well be more to see in the darkest corners of Rapture will keep you under the sea for a bit longer.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HotUkDeals for the find.

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