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Bioshock 2 £19.95 @ The Game Collection [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Bioshock | PC

Bioshock 2 £19.95 @ The Game Collection [PC Games]

Yep, those sneaky chaps down at The Game Collection have gone and done it again, subtly undercutting the rest of the market on a new game by two or three pounds and giving us Dealspwners something to cheer about. Today, the lucky recipients are Bioshock 2 fans, and you'll be pleased to know that if you're gunning for the PC version, you'll be able to return to Rapture for under £20, saving you £4 than if you'd gone with nearest competitor Coolshop instead.

Often The Game Collection's deals are stock related, but there's no worry here, with over 300 copies ready and waiting at the time of writing. That doesn't mean that you should hang around though, as this deal's unlikely to hang around forever.

We've got a lengthy appraisal of Bioshock 2 in the pipeline, but until then, here's a quick summary. Bioshock 2 is set ten years after the original game, and Rapture is a much changed place. Collectivist new leader Sofia Lamb is ruling the diseased underwater utopia with an iron fist through the spindly and sadistic Big Sisters and you play 'Subject Delta', a prototype Big Daddy who's woken up with a decade of amnesia and one misplaced Little Sister. Whilst on your mission to locate your estranged ADAM harvesting counterpart, you end up becoming embroiled in the murky politics of the city, and end up having to overthrow Lamb.

Once again striking a fine balance between quality first-person action and plasmid tinkering, Bioshock 2 proves a joyous success. Actually, joyous is probably the wrong word, as Rapture (ironically) is no place for a child. Just like its predecessor, this is a mature game with thought provoking themes and one of the most charismatic, curious and deeply conscientiously flawed gaming locales in Rapture.

Bioshock 2 is not as interesting or as immersive as its parent, but then few games are. It is, however, boostedby some brilliant action and solid multiplayer, and the very nature of Rapture itself. It's good to be back.

Thanks to Sirez at HUKD

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