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Bioshock 2 £25.99 @ Everything Play [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Bioshock | Xbox 360

Bioshock 2 £25.99 @ Everything Play [Xbox 360 Games]

Another day, another drop in price, this time for Bioshock 2, which I reviewed at the start of the month. The guys and girls over at Everything Play have decided to drop the price on 2K Games' return to Rapture by a couple of quid to £25.99, making it two pounds cheaper than the previous deal over at The Games Collection.

This sequel to 2K's twisted original sees you step into the massive shoes of one of the original Big Daddies. Rapture, as beautiful and deathly chaotic as before, has a new leader in the face of Sophia Lamb now, and she and her team of new Big Sisters have been kidnapping children from the coastline. You start off simply awakening after a decade-long slumber to go in search of your Little Sister companion, but gradually as the game progresses you once again find yourself becoming embroiled in the corkscrew of events at Rapture's core.

Bioshock 2 is not as good as its elder relative, I'll say that now. You might not get the same thrills and chills that you encountered on your first trip to Rapture. The plot is nowhere near as striking as that of the original, and it must be said that Rapture has lost some of its sheen. Much of this, however, derives from it simply being a sequel; but what Bioshock 2 does do much better is the action. The FPS combat is brilliant, the AI clever, dangerous, the Splicers hunt in packs, and the new Big Sisters are fearsome foes. Additionally, Bioshock 2 sports an excellent multiplayer mode that takes a few leaves out of Modern Warfare 2's book.

Is it for everyone? No, Rapture is still as deliciously f**ked up as before and certainly not suitable for anyone with a fragile disposition. But is it good? Most definitely. You should probably add it to your collection if you haven't already.

Thanks to steve81 at HUKD

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