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Bioshock: Big Daddy Toy Prop Replica £8.99 / Eve Hypo Prop Replica £7.99 @ Play

Tom Silkstone
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Bioshock 2

Bioshock: Big Daddy Toy Prop Replica £8.99 / Eve Hypo Prop Replica £7.99 @ Play

Here's a great deal for all you Bioshock fans out there that gives you the chance to get your hands on a Little Sister's Big Daddy toy and/or a precious Eve Hypo that you can pretend to replenish your plasmids with.

Play have cut their prices for both of these exclusive replicas, down to £8.99 for the Big Daddy toy and £7.99 for the Eve Hypo, which should make them pretty irresistible to collectors, especially as the alternative seems to be picking them up on ebay for around the £20 mark each once you've factored in the postage charges.

The Big Daddy toy stands at around 7 inches tall and resembles the formidable Bouncer, coming equipped with a corkscrew arm and baseball head, and was featured in the early trailers for Bioshock 2.

The Eve Hypo is approximately 8 inches long, and whilst it initially appears to have been drained of its useful contents, there's a built in LED that restores its healthy blue glow, which in-game at least makes searching for them a little bit easier.

Now that the prices for both items have dropped to below £10, it makes the decision to add a few new pieces of memorabilia to your collection that little bit easier.

Thanks to SeeBell @ HUKD

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Spark  Jul. 10, 2010 at 19:51

Those are awesome.


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