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Bioshock 2: Collector's Edition £17.99 @ Game [PC Games]

Lydia Low
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Bioshock 2 | PC

Bioshock 2: Collector's Edition £17.99 @ Game [PC Games]

If you've taken the risk of waiting for the price of the limited version of Bioshock 2 to wait then the gamble has paid off! It's getting harder to get hold of now but Game are currently have the PC version in stock with an attendant price tag of just £17.99. This gives you a massive saving of £12 compared to the next best price of £29.99 from Play.

I only wish the 360 version would hit this price because this is one of the few special editions which is right up my street. It's beautifully presented and even comes with things that one might actually want to own(!) The whole package is designed to reflect the retro-futuristic aesthetic of Rapture and is genuinely reasonably limited, with only a single production run. In addition to the game you get the following: a 12" vinyl record of the original Bioshock's orchestral score, a CD of Bioshock 2's orchestral score (personally I don't understand why this doesn't come in vinyl format too, it seems a real shame), three vintage-look posters depicting advertisements from Rapture and a 164 page hardback Bioshock 2 artbook.
As for the game itself, well, sadly it does not quite attain the amazing quality of the original but, to be fair, that is a near impossible feat. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it actually is, with exciting and much improved combat and great multiplayer implementation going a long way to make up for the lessened impact of the narrative.

Rapture is not quite the mysterious and foreboding place it once was but it remains a beautiful and macabre environment that is still a pleasure to navigate. Thankfully Bioshock 2 does this iconic world justice.

Thanks to Arstar at Hotukdeals!

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