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Bioshock 2: Rapture Edition £17.95 [PS3|Xbox 360] / £14.95 [PC] @ Zavvi

Tom Silkstone
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Bioshock 2: Rapture Edition £17.95 [PS3|Xbox 360] / £14.95 [PC] @ Zavvi

Players dive back into the underwater city of Rapture, this time taking control of the original prototype Big Daddy, in order to uncover a new mystery and face a new enemy, the Big Sister.

The Rapture Edition contains a copy of the game along with a hardcover book "Deco Devolution - The Art of Bioshock 2", for the great price of £17.95 on PS3 and 360, and £14.95 on PC from Zavvi. Currently, the Rapture edition is cheaper than the game by itself on all 3 platforms, this essentially means that you're getting the hardcover book for free, which isn't bad when you consider the quality of the art work thats gone into the Bioshock series so far.

When I first played Bioshock, I wasn't sure what to expect, having heard very little about it. The opening to the game, floating about in the water amidst the wreckage of a plane was incredibly impressive, however the spectacular nature of the title hadn't yet been revealed to me. This came whilst I was embarking on my first bathysphere voyage, the projector I was watching suddenly rose out of the way revealing the amazing city of Rapture. This is the only moment in a game that I would describe as being truly breathtaking, and you immediately knew that you were playing something special. Well, when I heard Bioshock 2 was coming out, I was suitably excited about returning to Rapture, which in itself oozes with charisma and is an integral character in the series.

The story isn't quite as ground breaking as the original, but there are a number of aspects to Bioshock 2 that more than make up for this. The first is the ability to dual wield plasmids and weapons, which allows for a whole new range of lethal combinations to keep splicers at bay, and gives gamers a far more enjoyable combat experience. Also, plasmids can now be combined, so that traps can be set up prior to altercations with enemies.

When I saw a Big Daddy for the first time, my initial thoughts were 'How much fun, would it be to control one of those?!'. It seems that my hopes were answered as this is the part you play in Bioshock 2, and you get to use the Big Daddy's signature weapons, the drill and the rivet gun. However, the experience wasn't quite as good as I was expecting. Having seen Rosies and Bouncers dispatch adversaries without taking much more than I scratch, I was disappoint with the ease at which I could be killed. I also can't remember ever seeing a Big Daddy pause during a battle to refuel their drill, which I frequently had to do during the course of the single player campaign.

Finally, the multiplayer is a riotous joy to behold and take part in, set during Rapture's civil war just before the events of the first game. You'll scream, cry, laugh manically, and capture little sisters, whilst blasting online players with plasmids and spraying them with lead, I know I did.

Bioshock 2 is a great game and the inclusion of the hardback artwork book should be attracting you to this deal, like ADAM attracts splicers. Check out Matt's full review for a longer appraisal of the game.

Thanks to andywedge @ HUKD

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