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BioShock Infinite | Launch Day Deals Round-Up

Carl Phillips
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BioShock Infinite | Launch Day Deals Round-Up

Apparently there are a few (million) people interested in this new BioShock game that was released today, and word is it’s rather good. Here’s what Matt had to say about it in his 9/10 review published earlier today:

Embrace Columbia and Elizabeth, though, and you'll find one of the most engrossing experiences to be had this generation. It's a game which has a default setting of being breathtaking and beautiful, a game which constantly encourages you to stop and think, even if it doesn't give you he chance for direct response. It's a game that we'll be talking about for months, whose occasional missteps are swallowed whole in a narrative of sweeping scale and epic drama. It's a game that you'll probably play again, immediately after you finish it the first time around.

And that's fantastic.

While I’m having to exile myself from getting involved with it (boooooooooo) I’m here to help any of you that are looking for the cheapest deals around for Irrational Games’ latest triumph, because as Matt basically points out in his review, it is absolutely worth the price of admission.

That said, saving a few pounds here or there is a good thing as well.

PC | Green Man Gaming | £23.99

There have been some serious battles between the digital retailers in terms of incentives in the run up to the release day, but if you have held off so far then the best place to score a copy is over at GMG. As it stands, there’s a £3 saving over the next best offer of a physical copy from Coolshop.

Xbox 360 | Tesco | £30.00 (With Voucher Code "TDX-HP6M"

Once again it's the voucher codes that make the difference, and by using the one stated above you can get hold of an Xbox 360 copy at Tesco for just £30. It provides a saving of almost £3 in the process. (A huge thanks to TanyaSpace for the tip!)

PS3 | Simply Games | £29.99

PS3 owners get the best saving of the lot, with Simply Games’ ridiculous deal providing a saving of a fiver over the next best offers elsewhere.

While we will be on the lookout for the best prices moving forward, if you see a good deal (or a voucher code to make things even better) be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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TanyaSpace  Mar. 26, 2013 at 16:30

The 360 version is £30 at Tesco Direct with code TDX-HP6M :)

CarlPhillips  Mar. 26, 2013 at 16:49

The 360 version is £30 at Tesco Direct with code TDX-HP6M :)

Thanks for the heads-up, TanyaSpace! We've updated the post and credited you for the find.


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