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BioShock Infinite Reveals The Motorised Patriot Enemy

Jonathan Lester
Bioshock Infinite, Irrational Games
Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite Reveals The Motorised Patriot Enemy

Irrational Games has taken the lid off a new heavy-hitting enemy that will make Booker DeWitt's life a living hell. The menacing Motorised Patriot is a "fearkess" mechanical facsimile of George Washington who attacks with a powerful chaingun - which can be used by the player if you manage to take one down. More details below.

Unlike most of the human enemies in BioShock infinite who will scatter and run if outgunned, the Motorised Patriot will relentlessly assault the player head-on, using his 'Pepper Mill' chaingun to force the player out of hiding. Aesthetically, it resembles a porcelain doll of George Washington, but with tough body armour and clockwork innards.

BioShock boss Ken Levine explains that taking down a Motorised Patriot will reward the player with a unique weapon, and states that they're designed to offer a unique set piece challenge in certain key areas.

Once he destroys the Patriot, Booker can actually go pick up the pepper-mill and use it as a heavy weapon. The only place you can get it is from a destroyed Motorized Patriot.

These are enemies that are used to not just be more powerful, but to augment the abilities of the more traditional BioShock enemies. You’re going to come across them in certain areas of the game, and they’re going to provide a really unique challenge.

BioShock Infinite will release on October 19th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 version will include the original BioShock as a Blu-Ray bonus.

BioShock Infinite Reveals The Motorised Patriot Enemy

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