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From Bioshock The Movie To Final Fantasy Life: News Roundup August 25th

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The Bioshock movie is back in production with all the apparent budget and director issues resolved.  In other news, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is moving along nicely according to producer Yoshnori Kitase, the Beyond Good and Evil sequel may never happen, and Level 5 reveal Final Fantasy Life for the DS.

Bioshock Movie Back On Track

From Bioshock The Movie To Final Fantasy Life: News Roundup August 25th

The Bioshock movie has had an unsure future for the past few months, but now everything looks back on track with a new director at the helm.  Gore Verbinski was set to direct previously, but budget reasons forced an overseas shoot, something Verbinski couldn’t make.

28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillio has stepped up to the task, while Verbinski will stay on in a producing role.  Fresnadillo’s only big name movie over here may be the zombie horror flick, but he’s a fairly respected director in Spain, directing several movies including the thriller Intacto[Variety]

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Development Time Faster Than FFXIII

From Bioshock The Movie To Final Fantasy Life: News Roundup August 25th

Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be the companion game to Final Fantasy XIII, but in light of its big brother, it maybe doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  According to producer Yoshnori Kitase, people should be excited, as development on the game is going well.  Kitase states the development time will be considerably faster than that of Final Fantasy XIII, with claims that it’s taking only one-third the time to model characters and enemies for FFXIII than it did at the beginning of the project.

Kitase also believes some of his team members that have been pulled to work on the FFXIII will benefit from “Knowledge and experience” when it comes to returning to Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  No word on how far off Versus will be, but likely to be a long time after Final Fantasy XIII is released.  [Kotaku]

Beyond Good And Evil Sequel In Limbo

From Bioshock The Movie To Final Fantasy Life: News Roundup August 25th

In a surprise announcement, Ubisoft revealed Beyond Good and Evil was set to receive a sequel back in 2008.  Now the hopes and dreams of Beyond Good and Evil fans have been shattered as development has apparently halted, according to a tweet by Gamesyde’s Colin Solal Cardo.  “I got confirmation at Cologne's GamesCom that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is on hold for now. No idea if it's def or temporary but it sucks.”

The news follows an interview with Ubisoft president Laurent Detoc back in July revealing “Whether or not it [Beyond Good and Evil 2] comes out remains to be seen anyway, but we didn't want to abandon that IP because it has a cachet and authenticity about it. There's something very pure about that game and it's too bad that we were not able to build it as an IP at the time.”  Detoc also mentions he never said there will be a definite sequel, he only stated something had leaked.  Hopefully Ubisoft can clear this matter up sooner or later will either the usual confirmation or denial.  [1UP]

Final Fantasy Life Announced For The DS

From Bioshock The Movie To Final Fantasy Life: News Roundup August 25th

Level 5, the Japanese developer and publisher have revealed a brand new DS Final Fantasy game, titled Final Fantasy Life.  The game looks similar to little known title Mother 3, and with good reason to.  Brownie Brown is developing the game, a studio that previously helped development of Mother 3.  Also, Final Fantasy music maker Nobuo Uematsu is on board to compose the soundtrack.  Final Fantasy Life is a loose RPG that lets you create your own character and then mingle with the community, doing odd jobs and sidequests, sounding a lot like Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.  Official release dates are yet to be announced.  [Kotaku]

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