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Bioshock Steelbook £11.73 @ The Hut [Xbox 360]

Marius Goubert
Bioshock, First person shooter, Xbox 360 games
Bioshock | Xbox 360

Bioshock Steelbook £11.73 @ The Hut [Xbox 360]

It’s not very often that a first person shooter comes along and, like some Mozart Opera, completely redefines the entire genre. But this is exactly what happened with the release of Bioshock, an FPS title so original and innovative it simply annihilates the competition even (I am only being honest) the likes of the seemingly indomitable Halo.

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that post – Bioshock the world of FPSers is never going to be the same again. So if you love you’re shoot- em -ups, have an Xbox 360, and don’t already own a copy then this is definitely the deal for you. The Hut are offering up steelbook collector’s editions for £11.73.

That’s a great price given that the cheapest standard copy of the game you’ll find is only about 80p cheaper at £10.95. And considering that this is the game to own on the 360, it certainly merits one of those steel box cases, and probably needs one, because this is game you’ll be going back to time and time again.

One of the greatest things about Bioshock is its totally insane story which, unlike the usual superficial alien type narratives, is genuinely gripping. Hidden beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean is a Utopian metropolis call ‘Rapture’ which after the discovery of a genetic substance called ADAM, is torn apart in a genetic arms race.

The people of ‘Rapture’ used ADAM to combine technology and genetic mutations to enhance their bodies and create genetic weapons called Plasmids. Eventually war broke out and the plasmids attacks led to the fall of Rapture. ADAM depleted as a resource, and could only to be found in small girls who were able to absorb it from the dead. These girls become known as ‘little sisters’ and were so vulnerable to attack they spawned huge mean protectors in diving suits called ‘Big Daddies’…

Sounds totally insane I know! God knows what the developers had been smoking. However the game’s complex storyline creates a fantastic, atmospheric back drop which really has the edge on other FPS on the market. It has a psychological element with is very unique. As a player you take control of an everyday man called Jack who, after a plane crash, accidently stumbles upon the entrance to Rapture in mid-ocean.

After descending to the ruined Utopia, Jack must fight against hordes of mutants and eventually, attempt to defeat the ‘Big Daddies’ in order to gain ADAM from the ‘little sisters’. But the question is: will benefits of ADAM lead Jack to murder innocent children?! Or will he refuse to turn his back on his humanity like the people of Rapture - but have to settle for less power? Like most players, you’ll probably make him do one, complete the game, and then do the other.

So with excellent graphics, intense gameplay and a story which is easily worthy of a novel or a great Hollywood film, this is one first person shooter you’d be mad to miss out on.

Bioshock Steelbook £11.73 @ The Hut [Xbox 360]

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