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BioShock/Oblivion Double Pack £12.73 @The Hut [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Bioshock | PC

BioShock/Oblivion Double Pack £12.73 @The Hut [PC Games]If you like the idea of getting your hands on two great games for the price of one, check out this deal being offered by The Hut. For just £12.73 you can get both Bioshock and Oblivion, which is a fantastic deal given that Oblivion alone would set you back nearly £15. The cheapest price for a brand new copy of Bioshock is £8.99, so altogether that’s a combined saving of over £9!

Not bad at all - especially considering these games are some of the best releases in recent years. However Bioshock definitely has the edge on Oblivion, and is easily one the best first person shooters on market. One of the greatest things about Bioshock is its mind blowing story. It follows the exploits of an everyday man called Jack who, after surviving a plane crash, stumbles across the entrance to an underground Utopian society called ‘Rapture’. Jack finds that this once prosperous civilization has been torn apart after a war over ADAM: a material capable of enhancing beings on a genetic level.

Jack has to fight his way through Rapture and, if he hopes to acquire ADAM, defeat the guardians of the Little Sisters known as ‘Big Daddies’. The ‘Little Sisters’ contain the last reserves of ADAM, and to posses it, Jack must decide whether he is willing - just like the people of Rapture – to turn his back on his humanity. But overall this is one of the most atmospheric and gripping first person shooters of recent times, if not, ever…

Oblivion on the other hand is an RPG game which, unlike Bioshock, is more true to the tradition of the fantasy/adventure game genre. The player plays as an escaped convict who must fight to stop a fanatical cult from releasing the evils - contained within a realm called Oblivion – into the mortal world. The game was very well reviewed by critics. Some reviews gave the game a perfect all round score, while the likes of IGN gave it a massive 9.3. So if you love a good RPG and are into fantasy, Oblivion is the perfect game for you.

All in all, it’s not often that you get two great titles in a deal like this. So take advantage of this offer before it’s too late!

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