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Bioshock/Oblivion Double Pack £6.99 @ Gameplay [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Bioshock | PC

Bioshock/Oblivion Double Pack £6.99 @ Gameplay [PC Games]

We like this deal, and it pops up quite a bit because other people seem to as well and pounce upon it whenever there are copies in stock, leaving many a buyer saddened and disheartened when said stock evaporates. But there's awesome news! Gameplay has the PC version of this RPG-tastic bumper pack back in stock, and a copy could be yours for just 6.99. This'll save you about a fiver, seeing as the nearest competitor - Play.com - is selling the double pack for £11.99.

Just thinking about the number of hours thee two games combined togetehr have to offer is enough to make a man go slightly dizzy. Let's start with Bioshock. The spiritual successor to the fantastic System Shock 2 is an FPS-RPG of wondrous design and brilliantly implemented gameplay mechanics.

In Rapture, the game has perhaps one of the most fully realised gaming environments seen in the last ten years. Bioshock tells the twisting tale of a utopian vision gone badly wrong, where stimulant-addicts lurk in the shadows waiting to cut your throat, and young girls are harvested for their implanted superhuman capabilities. There are a bunch of mean-spirited drill enthusiasts thrown in for fun too. Bioshock is a feast for the eyes, ears and mind: a fully rounded game that drags us into its world through all of the details and a gripping narrative, and never lets go.

Oblivion, by contrast, simply plonks you down in the middle of the vast country Cyrodiil and after an hour or two of kicking it with Patrick Stewart the game sets you free to do pretty much whatever you please. Fancy becoming an assassin? Go for it. Need some money? Well, you could become a thief and break into people's houses for their valuable loot, you could go off and slay fantastical creatures for their pelts, or maybe dabble in some gladiatorial gambling. In fact there's so much to do in Oblivion that you'll happily wander around trying out lots of different things for hours on end, until you near the triple digit mark and remember that there's a story mission somewhere you completely forgot about.

Put simply, these are two brilliant games that any RPG fan worth their salt needs to own. They're so good, in fact, that they'll probably end up converting several people as well. At this price, they're an absolute steal!

Thanks to JayW at HUKD

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