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Bioshock/The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Double Pack £17.99 @ Shop To [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Bioshock | Xbox 360

Bioshock/The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Double Pack £17.99 @ Shop To [XBox 360 Games]
Bioshock/The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Double Pack £17.99 @ Shop To [XBox 360 Games]

If, for some crazy reason, you own an Xbox 360 but you still do not have these two top class games which each provide some of the best experiences that the console has to offer, then you should be pleased to hear that you can buy the two in a neat little package that will save you a packet! Shop To are currently selling the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion/Bioshock double pack for just £17.99, over £5 more than the next best price from Everything Play.

The best price for Bioshock alone is £14.79 from Simply Games while Amazon and Play offer the best price for Oblivion by itself at £14.99 so buying as a bundle stands to save you nearly £12!

This fourth edition of the Elder Scrolls series and Bioshock offer two really quite different gaming experiences, so seem an odd pairing. However, both are absolute classics of the current console generation and anyone with a console should at least try them both.

Bioshock is probably my favourite game on the 360 (yes, it's so darn fantastic that I can even overlook the frankly immensely disappointing ending). An action adventure/FPS shooter combination with more style and substance than a years worth of the rubbish Hollywood seems to churn out these days. While visually it cannot stand up to the very best that the console has to offer in technical terms, it still has the best level design I have seen on the 360; its setting, Rapture, is a masterpiece. This incredible art deco dystopia is an environment unlike any other and you will want to explore every inch and uncover all of its many secrets.

Oblivion also offers you a fascinating world full of secrets and history to explore but on a much greater and somewhat diluted level. Tamriel is an incredibly vast wonderland, choc full of caves, mines, abandoned forts and curious ancient ruins all waiting to be discovered and plundered.

It offers extremely deep character customisation allowing you to play in whichever way you wish, be it as sneak, warrior, mage or cold blooded mercenary. As well as a fun and engaging, if somewhat slight, main story, there are near-uncountable side quests to steal away your hours, guilds to join, gladiatorial matches to sate your blood lust and a whole world to turn over.

This is a great opportunity to right a grievous wrong and get your hands on these two essential titles!

Thanks to Reaper200 at Hotukdeals!

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