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Bioshock/The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Double Pack £4.99 @ Play [PC Games]

Lydia Low
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Bioshock | PC

Bioshock/The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Double Pack £4.99 @ Play [PC Games]

I'm beginning to wonder whether these strange partners haven't been bundled together so that once you are through with the dark and macabre halls of Rapture and the creeping feeling of claustrophobia and discomfort that it creates, you can cleanse your pallet with Tamriel's lush verdant lands and somewhat more genteel feeling gameplay and simple good vs evil narrative. It's an odd combination, but also a great one, so, if for some crazy reason, you don't already have these two fantastic games, then you should be grateful that someone had the bright idea to stick them together.

Play have been offering the best deal for a while now, at just £9.99, but right now the price is showing up as just £4.99 so there's really no excuse not to treat yourself (or get someone the best Christmas present they're likely to receive this year). If you're tempted I suggest you get in quick before the price is hoiked back up again!

The next best price I can find for the bundle is £12.99 from HMV's online store. Or, if you want to get the two separately, then it will set you back at least £9.99 for Bioshock (Amazon) and £9.45 for Oblivion (also Amazon). So you stand to save at least £8 with this deal!

I have Bioshock for my 360, and it is not just my favourite title for that console, but also one of my Top Ten All Time Favourite Games Ever! It's an unusual entry into the genre but it's not just the fact that it is so enormously enjoyable to play, or the way that you can keep coming back to it and loving it all over again but also the brilliant realisation of the world of Rapture and the cast of characters that inhabit it that makes this such a classic first person shooter. It really is a game like no other (except maybe its predecessor System Shock) and one that you absolutely should not miss.

Oblivion is probably just as good but very different. While Bioshock has a huge emphasis on story and the history of your character, this Elder Scrolls game leaves it up to you and your imagination to create much of your protagonist's tale, with a whole world for you to explore and do with as you will. The main quest is a little lack lustre but engaging enough, but to get the most out of the game you are best off just striking out on your own and seeing what wonders you discover and the strangers that you meet. Some claim it is rubbish but I find the combat fun and, with so many possible ways to approach battling, it seems churlish to complain too much!Bioshock/The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Double Pack £4.99 @ Play [PC Games]

Be prepared though, these two games (well, mostly Oblivion) will eat up your time without you even realising it so be prepared to bid your social life farewell until Christmas!

Thanks to A.Fudge at Hotukdeals!

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