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BioWare Announces Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar

Jonathan Lester
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BioWare Announces Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar

Free To Play, Cross-Platform

With Richard "Lord British" Garriott tucked safely away at social gaming company Portalarium, none other than BioWare has announced that they'll be "restoring the first great Western RPG" with Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar. This cross-platform RPG will be released under the EA's Play4Free label, making it a free to play experience in line with Battlefield Heroes.

"The first great Western RPG has been lovingly restored in Ultima Forever," gushes a new website."Return to the Ultima series in BioWare's new cross-platform action RPG. Accept the challenge from Lady British and save the land of Britannia. Play as the Fighter or the Mage and travel alone or with friends, restore virtue and become the Avatar!"

Two classes have been revealed thus far: a brawny Fighter and a beaded Mage. The visuals appears to be heavily stylised, to put it mildly.

BioWare Announces Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar

Ultima Forever is described as a "cross-platform" RPG, so we can potentially expect to see Ultima Forever on tablets as well as browsers. Releasing on the EA Play4Free service, we can also expect free access with plenty of microtransactions.

If you have an Origin account, you can sign up to the beta here.

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