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Bioware: Bethesda "Ten Years Ahead"

Felix Kemp
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Bioware: Bethesda "Ten Years Ahead"

"Unbelievably Good At Creating A Sense Of Place"

Who's the better Western RPG developer; Bioware, or Bethesda? It's a great debate, and both have their particular merits. The former, for example, has made leaps and bounds in virtual storytelling and presentation. While the latter, on the other hand, has essentially patented the sprawling open-world template. In recent years, Bioware has fallen a little out of favor with RPG fans, whereas Bethesda's brand strength solidifies with each passing year. Even Bioware appear to be aware of this, with co-founder Greg Zeschuk admitting Bethesda were "ten years ahead" in certain areas.

"One thing about developers is they’re all really good at certain things," Zeschuk told The Average Gamer. "When I think about Bethesda – and I don’t mean to criticize. I think it’ll probably be big praise – more than anyone they are unbelievably good at creating a sense of place. Like you’re there. It’s incomparable."

Zeschuk went on to explain that while his studio is adept at telling "structural character-driven narratives", their efforts pale in comparison to Bethesda' world-building. "Every game you can see they’ve done it a little bit better, a little bit better, a little bit better. That’s kind of the magic of development is that to really get great in the craft you have to actually repetitively build upon it for years and years."

Fellow co-founder Ray Muzyka chimed in, confirming that we'll see more open-world exploration and activities akin to Bethesda's work in future Bioware games. "You’ll see more of that from Bioware in the future," he said, before defending his studio's efforts to include more action-adventure aspects in their RPGs, explaining that it "augments" and "enhances". "It doesn’t mean we’re losing our roots," he added.

What say you, Dealspwners? Is Bioware really ten years behind Bethesda? Should we see more open-world stuff in the likes of Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 3? [The Average Gamer]

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