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BioWare: We Would 'Definitely Do Over' SWTOR Launch...If We Had A Time Machine

Matt Gardner
Dr. Greg Zeschuk, MMORPGs, PC games, Star Wars The Old Republic, SWTOR
Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare: We Would 'Definitely Do Over' SWTOR Launch...If We Had A Time Machine

BioWare Co-Founder, EA VP and BioWare Austin General Manager Dr. Greg Zeschuk has had a lot on his plate over the last few months. However, SWTOR is out now, although Zeschuk reckons he and the team might have don a few things differently with the launch if they could go back in time and have another crack at it.

"I think we would definitely do it over again given the opportunity, or a time machine," said Zeschuk, chatting to TORWars. "I think we can see a lot of things we could have done differently given the benefit of retrospective vision, but I also don’t think we would have changed many decisions. It would more have been a process of refinement and fine tuning to our plans."

Zeschuk notes that more extensive testing, and starting that process at a far earlier stage, would have undoubtedly helped, hitning that although there was no way of really anticipating fully what the team were up against back then, they've certainly learned through the experience.

"Certainly testing even more than we did, and doing so earlier would have been a good goal. I also think in retrospect we would have been able to weight some of our technical decisions differently given that we ultimately knew what worked after the fact and what needed a lot of work; there was no way of knowing that in advance, but in retrospect that would have helped quite a bit."

You can check out the first part of Carl's SWTOR review here. [via VG247]

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