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Bioware "Looking To Deploy" Jade Empire

Felix Kemp
BioWare, Jade Empire

Bioware "Looking To Deploy" Jade Empire

Mulling Ideas

Allow me to indulge in a passage of considerably poor journalism, please? I loved Jade Empire. It was really good. I much enjoyed. Whereas last generation, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic won most of the plaudits, I feel Jade Empire was the true testament of Bioware's once unparallelled mastery of the RPG genre. We've long hoped for a sequel, replete with next-generation features like Bioware's advances in facial animation tech, but it's been almost half a decade, and we've heard little to nothing. Until now, that is. Speaking at Eurogamer Expo, Bioware's co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk revealed the developer is  "looking for the right way to deploy it".

"We've been talking a lot about that actually on and off over the years," Muzyka told the assembled crowd at Earls Court in London. "It's an IP, it's a setting that we're really passionate about, and we still are. Both Greg and I were big believers in the IP." According to Muzyka, Bioware is simply stuck on how to "deploy" it. What I surmise that means is Bioware, and especially their owners EA, are examining the market to discern whether an Eastern kung-fu inspired epic is a profitable venture.

Muzyka explains that the Jade Empire IP is "near and dear" to Bioware, but the studio's pretty busy right now, what with Star Wars The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 nearing their Winter 2011 and early 2012 release dates respectively. "You never know," Muzyka teased, regarding a Jade Empire title being in development.

Personally, I believe a Jade Empire could be the perfect way for Bioware to declare their continued faith in the RPG genre, amid niggling doubts that the studio is veering away from the genre where it established itself. Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a certain amount of baggage trailing behind them, whereas Jade Empire was released over six years ago now.

What say you, Dealspwners? Should Bioware's next project following ME3 and SWTOR be a new Jade Empire game? They'll definitely be hard at work on Dragon Age 3 by now, but do they have enough time and resources for both? [Eurogamer]

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SlyPie  Sep. 25, 2011 at 09:11

screw that I want another Icewind Dale or Baldurs Gate


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