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BioWare Details Mass Effect 3 Online Co-Op

Jonathan Lester
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Mass Effect 3

BioWare Details Mass Effect 3 Online Co-Op

Galaxy At War Includes Co-Op And "Other Interfaces"

After confirming that Mass Effect 3 will feature cooperative missions in the wake of yesterday's magazine reveal, BioWare has gone one step further and detailed how it will work. The Galaxy At War system stands alone from the singleplayer campaign - but completing cooperative missions will increase your "Galactic Readiness" level. You'll also be glad to know that it hasn't impacted on development in any negative way. At all. So there. Full details after the jump.

Writing on the BioWare forums, Nick Priestly reveals that the suite of dedicated 4-player cooperative missions will not feature any of the regular characters and stands apart from the singleplayer campaign. However, your performance will increase your overall "Galactic Readiness Level" - which will influence the story and endings you receive. It's entirely optional though... and there won't be a versus mode because it "doesn't make sense."

It is important to note that the system is entirely optional and just another way players can have control over your game experience – it is still possible to achieve the optimal, complete ending of the game in Mass Effect 3 through single-player alone.

Many gamers (ourselves included) were a little worried that developing a multiplayer suite would draw resources away from the singleplayer campaign, but apparently BioWare has drafted in an entirely new team rather than losing focus.

Our priority and focus with Mass Effect 3 has and always will be to deliver a complete and satisfying single player experience.

A dedicated team from our recently formed BioWare Montreal studio has been focused on creating the multiplayer game features while the main game continued to be developed by the team in BioWare Edmonton. Both teams are integrated under the same leadership group that produced Mass Effect 1 and 2, led by Casey Hudson.

"Other platforms and interfaces" will also be used to increase Galactic Readiness... which we reckon will probably include a Facebook game and/or app. Mass Effect Coin Golf anyone?

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