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BioWare Drops Hints About Dragon Age III Orlais Setting & Gameplay Details

Jonathan Lester
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BioWare Drops Hints About Dragon Age III Orlais Setting & Gameplay Details

Promises To Stop Re-Using Levels

BioWare brought a slew of Dragon Age concept art to PAX East over the weekend... and with it, some interesting hints about Dragon Age III. Not only may the sequel be set in Orlais (the France-inspired Southern portion of Thedas), but it will apparently pledge to stop re-using those same damn dungeons every five minutes.

Gamespot filmed the entire panel, and we've embedded the feed below. Since you're busy people, we've rounded up the pertinent info for your convenience.

Dragon Age II came under fire from critics and gamers for a number of issues, and BioWare appears to have taken the feedback to heart. First of all, a pleasingly contrite slide promised that Dragon Age III will "stop reusing levels," referencing a common criticism of the recycled dungeons that sullied the previous game. Good.

Creative director Mike Laidlaw wasn't finished, however, and instead dropped an interesting potential hint about Dragon Age III's setting.

We're looking for variety, we're looking for space, we're looking for scope, we're looking for something cool, hidden, forgotten and lost. And if we really need to go somewhere more urban, let's make sure it's not Kirkwall.

Maybe let's go somewhere new, somewhere that's more... French.

French? Zut alors, that would be referring to Orlais, the France-inspired region of Southern Thedas, from which the bard Leilana hails.

Laidlaw proceeded to promise that Dragon Age III will offer "Decisions That Matter" - and will take choices made in previous games into account.

We will absolutely make sure that's what we're delivering, including your previous games.

We're aware of some import problems, we're aware of some weirdness, so we're going to do everything we can to make sure that the game you want to play and the world you want to bring forward is what's happening.

Equippable followers will almost certainly return after their controversial absence from Dragon Age II. Laidlaw explained that each character would retain their own identifiable "signature look," with equipment dynamically complimenting their particular aesthetic.

We were extremely disappointed with Dragon Age II, and made no bones about it. We're hoping that the sequel will do the franchise justice and give us meaningful choices to make at both a gameplay and narrative level. Promises are very easy to make and BioWare need to deliver.

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hurrakan  Apr. 11, 2012 at 12:53

It's way too late - Bioware prove time and time again that they are completely out of touch. They sold their souls to EA for profit.

They keep saying the same old ****. I'm not even listening any more.

I would rather play Baldur's Gate 1/2, Jade Empire or KOTOR than anything Bioware have done since those gems.


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