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Next BioWare Game Teased By 3 Seconds Of Footage...

Jonathan Lester
BioWare, EA

Next BioWare Game Teased By 3 Seconds Of Footage...

...Tanks, APCs & Modern Warfare

Spike TV has dangled a couple of seconds of footage featuring BioWare's latest title, which will be fully revealed at the VGA 2011 ceremony next month. You'll notice tanks and APCs shooting each other in gritty, modern surroundings... oh lord. This isn't Jade Empire 2. Many of us were still holding out hope despite the debut picture.

We've got the embed after the break, and we'd wager that this has something to do with the "military-genre FPS" that BioWare were hiring for a while back. Since this new studio is technically an entirely new outfit who are included under the BioWare branding, it will be interesting to see if they break with tradition. There are rumours linking this project to the Command & Conquer franchise - which ties in nicely with the military themes.

Anyway, let us know what you make of it. Not that there's much to go on at this stage.

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