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BioWare Give Away Free SWTOR Game Time

Carl Phillips
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Star Wars: The Old Republic


BioWare Give Away Free SWTOR Game Time

Tauntaun In-Game Pet Up For Grabs As Well

In a move to create more fanfare towards the recent 1.2 Legacy Patch, BioWare have announced that they will be handing out free game time to current and former subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic. While those with level 50 characters or those who cancelled their subscription will automatically qualify, those with active subscriptions yet to reach the level cap have until the 22nd to claim their free game time.

Active accounts with a level 50 character or a Legacy level of 6, as of April 12th, will be gifted 30 days of free game time as a thank you for their support. Likewise, former subscribers who reactivate their account between April 13th – April 19th will be gifted 7 days of free game time, which while not as enticing is better than nothing.

While it was originally feared that those with active subscriptions who had yet to reach level 50 or Legacy level 6 had been left out in the cold, Dr Greg Zeschuk took to the forums to inform the community that they had not lost their chance to free game time.

We've also got another significant piece of good news: everyone will have until April 22nd at noon CDT (5:00pm GMT - click here for a time zone converter) to have a Level 50 character or Legacy Level 6 on their account to get 30 days of game time on us. (Your 30 days of game time will be applied to your account on April 25th by 11:59pm CDT.) Players will now have multiple options, as well as more time, to try and reach these goals and play all the great new content in Game Update 1.2.

Finally, those with active accounts before April 21st will qualify to receive a Legacy Tauntaun Ram as an in-game pet to follow you around. It was not confirmed if they smelt bad on the outside. You can see the announcement in its entirety on the official website here. For more information on the recently released 1.2 Legacy patch for SWTOR, be sure to check out our news post here.

Will the sudden burst of generosity be enough to bring back former players, and entice the current fanbase stick around? Only time will tell, but it certainly is fast approaching the make-or-break time for BioWare’s MMO, as new and old challengers will begin to appear on the field in the near future.

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